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THE CAR SHOW GUYS are always looking for the next new way of working. Sometimes our customers want something unique, something they've already seen or someone to bring their ideas to fruition. That's where we come in, take a look below at our most popular services and see if there is anything that suits you?


One to One with THE CAR SHOW GUYS

We love getting out and meeting like minded car enthusiasts. This service has made a big difference for many of our customers, helping to transform your business into a destination for your customers or members.
We can host sessions, present facts and stats on vehicles, or deliver interesting speakers or informal chats to the audience, and we can provide you with as many members of our team as you like.
With this service, we can organise and prepare every element, ensuring all details are simple, seamless and handled on your terms, to your schedule. 
Go on, give us a try.

TCSG Silverstone.jpg


Design Develop and Deliver An Experience For Your Business

This is one of our most popular offerings. With this service, we help you create rather special experiences for your customers or employees.
THE CAR SHOW GUYS have worked with many of the prestigious brands you know, whether a new product launch, or collecting customer feedback or data gathering.
Leave the details to us, we'll help you to create ideas and organise any size or type of event. Whenever you work with THE CAR SHOW GUYS, you can trust that you’re in safe hands.



This is our bread and butter. We can present live, one to one, over various virtual media types as well as conduct corporate or staff training or inform and delight your customers. Give us a try, I promise we'll pleasantly surprise you.



We can offer access to filming as well as presenting. Do you have a social media idea you need to put into action, but can't find the right people? Perhaps we can help.

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